The Commies are in Town

July 20, 2009

Two weeks ago, that great proponent of truth from ANC ranks, Carl Niehaus referred to the science of lying as perfected by politicians the world over, a science in which our ANC and government do exceedingly well and can justly claim world leadership. Honest Carl proudly told us he never told lies as spokesperson for the ANC, he just used the “Science of Spin”. Was Carl perhaps “spinning a yarn?” I, for one, do not see the difference in blatant lies and spin. What I do know for certain, is that the ANC and its partners and therefore the government of the day is particularly adept at lying. Lenin’s doctrine, which is not out of place for an organisation with a strong communist influence, like the ANC, teaches; “Lies told of enough becomes the truth”. A very appropriate and well-applied principle of Mr. Lenin.

This weekend saw the ANC using their consummate skill at lying, sorry… “Spin”, when they announced the replacement of Tito Mboweni and used all their collective propagandists to whitewash the mine nationalisation issue. Much was made by The President of Marcus’ previous spell with the bank and her competence. The prominence around the announcement was noticeable, and in it’s visibility, it was probably only exceeded by the announcement of the Zuma cabinet. The announcement was hardly cold and before the praise singers from COSATU and the SACP, strong critics of previous economic policy and monetary policy, were out in force dancing with joy.

The appointment of Gill Marcus and the continuing discussions around the nationalisation of mines is cause for concern. Marcus, being a high-ranking member of the SACP, will unlike Tito Mboweni, toe the party line and enforce the will of the left. The announcement of Mboweni’s sudden unavailability is, to be frank, suspicious and reeks of an engineered exit

Someone once told me that when looking at issues you should look through the bush and not at the bush. The latest incarnation of the South African economy being created by the Zuma regime is looking more and more like a monster with the potential to destroy everything that’s been built up through many years. What is alarming is the inability or unwillingness of commentators, economists and so-called experts to look through the bush. Well known, and often quoted, economist Dawie Roodt, on the appointment of Gill Marcus, said economic policy, and monetary policy in particular, is established and stable and not that simple to change. To Mr.Roodt, I have this to say; “Have a look at that hero of the remnants of Communist ideology the world over, Hugo Chavez, and tell me it is not simple to change economic policy”.

At the same time, the weekend newspapers published letters and columns by prominent ANC spokespersons and policy makers placating the market and calming the waves created by the “Nationalisation Debate” and the Presidents thundering silence on the issue, keeping in mind the President is a communist taught at the knee of staunch Stalinist Harry Gwala. In this regard, the letter by presidential spokesperson Vincent Magwenya tried to excuse the lack of a clear stance by the President referring to his support for a public debate, the President’s and ANC’s favourite cop-out. At the same time, Professor Ben Turok, who is nothing more than a starry-eyed academic, tried to convince us that nationalization can and will not happen.

Examining the facts, looking through the bush, so to speak, we see a different picture. The ANC leftwing set out to destroy the Scorpions, a mission accomplished. They have set out to change the management at the SABC, another target achieved in double-quick time. They launched a campaign against Trevor Manuel’s independence and now have him working under the close supervision and control of Collins Chabane, a Zuma faithful. Tito Mboweni, a particular thorn in the side of the left, neatly removed and replaced by one of their own. The reform of the judiciary has been targeted, the process to change, in the name of transformation, is well advanced under the guidance of another high-ranking Communist, Jeff Radebe.

What lies ahead? On nationalisation, a strong call from the left, by mouths of the Youth league, COSATU and The SACP, resulted in Gwede Mantashe, Secretary General of the ANC, stating emphatically that nationalisation is not on the ANC agenda. Soon afterwards, Gwede Mantashe, President of The SACP came out in strong support of the nationalization lobby, The Minister after telling the SABC that nationalization is in line with the freedom charter, later the week said nationalization is not on the cards. Whilst Shebang was placating the market, Jesse Duarte announced a national debate on the issue.

The next critical issue that will face us is destruction of the provincial tier of government, a critical step needed to eradicate the “counter-revolutionary” enemies and centralise power in Luthuli House. On the cards, is legislation that will have University Vice-Chancellors reporting to Blade Nzimandi, to expedite “Dumbing Down” and lowering of standards.  

The level of lies and deceit we are experiencing is concerning but not surprising given the morality of our politicians. The complicity of people who should inform us of the underlying threats facing us is scary. I wonder why many economists, employed by banks and other institutions, support the threats to a fee economy, through their silence, Could it be that their greed for short-term benefits exceeds the need for long-term economic prosperity and freedom. Perhaps they have seen the writing on the wall and are buying time, to move their assets. Sol Kerzner did set the example of how to play the positive role whilst moving his millions offshore in the mid-nineties.