Scabs, Warthogs and the Economy

I mentioned my recent visit to the Pilansberg National park and the lessons in behavioural science I learned, specifically on guiding the impetuous youth on their journey through life.

I also learned some very important lessons in business and economic sciences on the day. As we approached the Pilansberg I heard that the Minister of Trade and Industry say we will not allow South Africans to do menial tasks for poverty wages. Good for him, we cannot allow our labour to become enslaved by capitalist bloodsucking vampires. Around me in the villages I saw our people, sitting around their huts, unemployed, hungry – but happy; happy in the fact that, even though they are poor they are nobody’s slave.

There were of course the normal rogue elements that were trying to get gardening jobs at ridiculously low rates, why; one even had his own lawnmower. I could see on his face and his demeanour, the way he bore himself – a scab of note he was. He had that sick, subservient air of a worker permeating and polluting his surrounding personal space. I turned away in disgust and fortunately we entered the park soon afterwards where we were, thankfully surrounded by proud animals.

Later in the day, arriving at the restaurant and information centre, I was reminded of the creature with the lawnmower. I also remembered the minister’s assurances that we will be innovative and overcome the negative impact of high wages on our global competitive position. There, before my eyes I saw the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative nature of park management at work. Where once there were degraded noble people pushing lawnmowers around the place, there were now Warthogs, on their knees, cropping the lawns, quite happy to do this demeaning and meaningless work to please the imperialist pleasure seekers.

I think Minister Davies should honour the park management with an award. Imagine the impact this will have on the world cup tourists.

We can only hope the bunny huggers and Kortbroek van Schalkwyk does not get wise to, what they will certainly consider animal abuse. In no time they will have Greenpeace ships sailing up the Crocodile River, brandishing paint bombs and burning car tyres teaching the idle unemployed outlandish things such as rioting, street trashing and the fine art of property destruction.


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